Monday, January 25, 2010


       Twelve months withered away from our calander 2009.  Let us spend few minutes for think  about our goals and achievements  in the last year. Most probably it  will be our selfish thoughts and acts,less gain and more pain for our mind.This is the common scenario of the modern world.  Everybody is thinking,what I can earn from the society.   Parents are thinking how to make my children as a highly paid professional,technocrat etc.  Nobody is thinking about how to make my children as a right human being.
         But  few people thinks what I can give to my society. 
     Last October 1st,2009 ,I have got a chance to meet such a group of people.

The October 1st was observed as 'BLOOD DOATION DAY'. I went to the "VAILOPPILLY SAMSKRITHI BHAVAN" in Nalanda,Thiruvananthapuram.It was the venue for the fuction.  The Regional Cancer  Centre,Thiruvananthapuram,KSACS,Penpol Ltd ,Hindustan Lifecare Ltd etc. were the organisers of the function in Thiruvananthapuram.
     There I saw a group of people, foreigners from different nationalities,came for voluntary blood donation .  They were 30 numbers ,all of them were blinds. This group coming from an institution named ,'BLIND WITHOUT BORDERS' Vellayani,Thiruvananthapuram.
     Really I wondered about their dedicated mind for the society.
            I have got a  chance to  befriend with one gentleman from this group Mr.Hosni,Makkah,Saudi Arabia.   Last week of  December 2009,he left from Kerala, after completing his ten months long Project Study regarding the Rehabilitation of Blind People. Recently ,he called me from Saudi Arabia.He told that ,is looking some partners for establishing a training centre for the rehabilitation of blind and partially blind people.

      In the last week of December 2009,we a group of students, of the 1980-83 batch of the LLB course in Govt.Law College,Thiruvananthapuram, gathered for an alumni get together at Kappil,Varkala,Thiruvananthapuram.Our friends reached there from different parts of Kerala.  One of our classmate was a blind,he also participated the get together.  It was a happy re union  for us.
     The main organisers of this event was our friends Mrs.Prathibha Gnanasundaram and Mr.Premkumar.During our college days Mrs.Prathibha was a tiny kid.  But she has a  broad mind and coordinating  capacity as well as ability to understand sorrows and miseries of others. In between the getogether Smt.Prathibha find out that our friend the blind person ,now retired from service getting a small pension have so many financial problems.  She personally contacted one by one of the friends and presented the fact and collected an amount of Rs.15000/-.End of the alumni function that amount was handed over to our friend.  It was a remarkable occassion.  The broad mind of small Prathibha made the alumni a purposeful and remarkable.
     As such during the first week of January,2010,my friend Mr.Pallyalil Basheer,Malappuram  made a   courtsey call for me.Then  I recalled the activies of this small gentleman. He is running an institute for the mentally retarded children as well as people.  Some broad minded people are helping his this endeavour. This time he told that ,now they are doing another effort.That is,helping children of  bed ridden patients,for their school education.Now a days they are helping more than 500 children.  They are providing for these children ,school uniforms (2 sets for a year),books and other study materials.Besides this 10 kg rice/per month/per head.Some broad minded people joins hand with this endeavour.
     Mr.Basheer and his team do not bothered about for the cheap popularity.  They are expecting divinely satisfaction and help in this world and hereafter.The institution running by Mr.Basheer is called 'LOVE AND SERVE'.
His contact No.9447334978.  This institute and educational assistance is running for the human being, not for a particular sect/caste/religion. The donors also likewise. If you think to contribute something for the poor and needy ,please keep in mind the name my friend Mr.Basheer Palliyalil.

       In the midst of selfish world some divinely birth are happening,that small people with broad mind working for the welfare and sustenance of the world and its children . It is nobility.Let us pray for them.